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Property Management

What we offer our clients

Owner Website Login

Allows owners to interact with the management company, check on status of work orders, view monthly rental income statements, bills, and so much more.

Pay Monthly Bills

We take care of monthly bills related to the rental, so you don't have too.

Photos of Apartment

Highlighting apartment features and record keeping.

Owner Direct Deposit

Receive monthly rental income directly to your bank account!

Property Inspections

Stay in touch with routine inspections from your owners portals by accessing inspection notes.

Continued Education

Our management team stays on top of the changes to landlord tenant law. As a member of the Linn Benton Rental Association we regularly attend classes.

Tenant Websites

Tenants can Pay Rents online with option for auto pay! Submit repair requests online and track past payments.

Market Rentals

Our websites, Facebook ads/posts/marketplace,,

Rental Property Financials

We look at your Rentals performance yearly, compare Market Rent Amounts and adjust as needed to ensure your investment is performing as it should.

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